AK Smith Architects, Inc. is a multi-disciplined, full service architectural firm devoted to providing our clients with the best quality work. We offer architectural design, landscape design, plant selection and construction observation services. A.K. Smith Architects continues to be on the leading edge of Architectural Design . We look forward to many more years of continuing to build our reputation for excellence.

We have a strong focus on the design aspects of architecture. We work to make sure that every building we create is not only structurally sound and a pleasing work or living space, but that form follows function to a building that is as much an aesthetic statement as it is a place for people to work or live. We have produced contemporary, modern designs with emphasis on sustainability in San Diego, California as well as Salt Lake City and the Park City Areas in Utah.

We take pride in how we guide our clients through every aspect of the building process, from needs assessment and site analysis, through design, to construction. We believe that the best way to be certain of a great result is through continuous and active collaboration with our clients. We start with your vision for what you need to build, and work with you every step of the way to ensure that the final product is something that we can all be happy with. You can see the final results of this process in our completed projects throughout .

We also work with the preservation and restoration of buildings, as well as in reconstruction of condemned and unbuildable buildings.

Our goal is to help our clients through the process of constructing a building that we can all be proud of. If you are dreaming of creating a new building then make an appointment with us today to talk it through. We would be delighted to help you make your dreams into a reality.