When the Construction Documents have been review, revised and approved by the City, we are ready for the General Contractors and their sub contractors to review the drawings and provide their estimates and bids. We are available to clarify and quantify the information included in the drawings.

Let AK Smith Architects, Inc. manage the bidding process for your construction project. We will get you the best price and the highest quality, and save you the stress of dealing directly with contractors.

AK Smith Architects, Inc. offers construction bidding services to all of our clients. This is an additional service that helps you to find the best-priced contractor when it comes time to begin the actual construction phase of your project.

There are obvious advantages to having your architect manage the bidding process on your construction project. First of all, while any individual person or company may deal with contractors from time to time, it is part of our day to day job. Because of this, we know exactly what to expect from contractors during a bidding process, and exactly what we want from them. Secondly, we have pre-established relationships with many of ‘s contractors, and because of long working relationships, we can often get a better price than you could on your own. Finally, we manage the entire bidding process, from start to finish.

We start by creating detailed technical documents that guarantee all bidding contractors are working from the same starting point. The contractors will know exactly what is required for the project, which means that the bids will be an apples-to-apples comparison. Often when contractors are bidding on a project without detailed plans, they will formulate bids based on how they think the project should be completed, and different contractors will have different ideas and therefore different prices. When they are working from your architect’s plan, they are all bidding on the same thing.

You already know that AK Smith Architects, Inc. is ‘s premier architectural firm because we have helped you design the building of your dreams. Let us take care of the next step of the process for you, and deal with your contractors. We have worked with many of the ‘s construction contractors before, and can save you the time and worry of selecting the best company to deal with your construction project. Give us a call today. Next>>